WHY STRENGTH MATTERS – it’s more than you think

Strength is one of the best skills that you can develop. It will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

For some, physical strength gives long-term independence and means:

  • the ability to walk for one hour without getting tired,
  • carrying all your groceries inside in one trip without issue
  • climbing stairs with ease

While others may define physical strength as being able to lift, push, pull or carry a heavy load, our definition is more holistic and focused on living well for longer. 

Whatever your goal might be, the plain and simple truth is that your physical strength helps you do EVERYTHING. No matter your age, your level of fitness, or your fitness goals–your physical strength is important. We shape our daily tasks around what we think we can accomplish within our capacities, both mentally and physically. More physical strength can reduce our limits.

For Athletes

For athletes, the benefits of strength training include an increased ability to perform and to withstand physical activity. Any athlete—no matter their skill or competition level (from elite to enthusiast)—can benefit from strength training. It helps you perform with less injuries and more success. Strength training can:

  • prevent injury 
  • help correct muscular imbalances 
  • increase explosiveness

Stronger muscles produce better performance in a lot of sports. They also help you succeed in everyday life, like moving heavy furniture and carrying groceries. So strength train with a purpose – to compete, to win, to enjoy your sport more, and be more active and fit.

For Non-Athletes

To live a healthy, full, and happy life, you need to be strong. This not just for athletes. Strength training helps aging people and disabled people. Some benefits of strength training are:

  • strengthens muscles and bones
  • improves flexibility
  • builds lean muscle mass
  • helps prevent muscle loss

Strength training for better health – the secrets you need to know

Your muscles are what hold your body together, not your bones. 

Like the wooden framework of a house, your bones hold other things up. Your muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia are arranged around your bones, like the nails and screws of a house, to give you strength in movement. The force of your muscles is directly related to the quality and speed of your movement.

The body’s ability to adapt is almost limitless.

Your muscles will adapt to the repeated demand you place on them over time. You can see this happen if you work out regularly. The body operates with the idea of “Use it or lose it.” If you stop working out, your muscle tissue will shrink and can eventually disappear altogether.

For effective and authentic training to enjoy your life, contact us concentricfithealth@gmail.com.

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