You will know when you have the right fit for your health and wellness needs. It will just feel right.

Join our Crew and find the right fit for you at Concentric Fit. Led by fitness trainers that care, let us guide you on your journey to reach your ultimate health, fitness, and wellness.

Welcome to Concentric Fit and welcome to our Crew.

Our Mission

We created Concentric Fit with the mission to help people uncover the best version of themselves while empowering them. We understand the feeling of wanting to make positive shifts while feeling lost about where to take the first step.

Concentric Fit is designed to give people guidance and education to create a healthy life in all the aspects that ultimately make health.

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Group Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning (S&C) small group class is inspired by functional fitness. This class is great for quality general body health and fitness.

At Concentric Fit, we want what you learn in the gym to easily translate to your every day life. Each class is different, engaging, and adaptable for all levels. The program includes: mobility, weight lifting, body weight exercises, kettle bell training, speed conditioning, stability training, martial art warms up and specialty drills, hand eye coordination, flexibility and more.

Class size is kept small to keep the quality of training and instruction high for everyone’s needs.

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Personal Instruction

Our body is our only true home for the duration of our life. We believe feeling good in it and treating it well is the priority. Let us guide you to ultimate health.

Receive one-on-one instruction personalized for your fitness and health needs by our coaches. Personal instruction can resolve and bypass individual’s blocks to success more quickly. Together we can explore the areas that are hindering personal growth and create effective strategies for success. Our coaches are committed to make our students educated and self-sufficient with their own health and physical activity.

Our programs are designed to set you up for your success in:

  • weight loss
  • muscle gain
  • improved fitness
  • overall body awareness and confidence

We’re here to do our part by guiding, instructing, and empowering you. You just have to show up and do your best.

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We are located inside The New Breed Fitness

6650 Flanders Dr, San Diego, CA 92121

Call or text with inquiries: (619) 922 4225

Email: info@concentricfithealth.com