2 Fitness Lies You Probably Believe

1) You’re doomed to be limited by your body

For the average person, this is 100% untrue. The phrase “use it or lose it” is most applicable in fitness. So if you haven’t “used it,” some adjustments beginning a new movement program are expected. But here is the magic: the body adapts. No matter what. If you do something consistently, it always adapts. Within 4 consistent weeks, you will see yourself closer to passing limitations you once thought were impossible.

2) Working out causes injuries

As movement coaches, we hear this concern frequently. The truth is, working out doesn’t cause injuries. Incorrect movement patterns caused by imbalances, inactivated muscle groups, and immobility can cause injuries. In most cases, proper movement will not only decrease your chance of injury but also help remedy any existing injuries. The body is amazing!

Ready to experience fitness truth?

Contact us for personal or small group training! We’ll help you surpass limitations and prevent injuries

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