Working Out HAS to be Miserable

How many of us have this subconscious belief? That to workout is to be miserable, whether because it is difficult, or uncomfortable, or it makes us feel self-concious.

The truth is: fitness is meant to be enjoyable because it makes what we enjoy better. At Concentric Fit, we believe there is a fitness activity for everyone. Maybe it’s surfing, or ultimate frisbee, or hiking. There is a physical activity where the joy of the activity outweighs the difficulty.

Working out helps us further enjoy our activity of choice by making us stronger, improving our balance, and decreasing our risk of injury. (Plus more confidence and self-esteem.) A consistent program can address the imbalances that occur from repetitive movements. Think throwing or even sitting all day. 😉

Working out can be miserable if it is purposeless or has a negative purpose. When we approach fitness with the intention to improve our quality of life and the things we like doing, even the difficult things become enjoyable.

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