You Cannot Change Your Body

We get so caught up in “upgrading” our stuff that we forget a very simple but eye opening fact: we can’t replace our body. We can change our country of residence. We can change our partners or our careers but we cannot change out our body for another.

60lbs difference between photos

Our body is the one thing we are committed to for life.

Of course we can evolve or devolve our relationship with it and this can alter its appearance or function, but this is the costume we will wear for our time on Earth. So why not wear something we actually enjoy?

It feels good to feel good in our bodies and we are designed for a healthy and active existence. This requires we heal, nourish, cleanse, and move our bodies. We cannot swap out our frame for someone else’s but we can create the best existence possible with the frame we have. This is available to every one of us.

Being in a positive and health-focused community, like ours at Concentric Fit, is an important component to live in ultimate health with the body we have. Studies have shown people are 95% more likely to continue a health routine that they start with friends. Being around people that support you healing, nourishing, cleansing, and moving your body is a major key to successfully live long and live well.

Boost Immune System and Melt Fat??

While I am not that dedicated to supplementation, my partner at Concentric Fit is well researched. Despite always forgetting to take my vitamins or my green powders, there is now one supplement I will not go without because it has been so beneficial.

Probiotic supplementation positively effected my body composition, my mood, my immune system, and my digestion. The way I felt in my body changed after the first week. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor, but from personal experience, this is so helpful my partner and I will not go without probiotics again. We have experienced the scientific benefits for ourselves.

We noticed our digestion improve and our immune system feel stronger. The least expected, but appreciated, benefit was the decrease in belly bloating and inflammation. Weight that appeared to be “stuck” around out low abs and hips suddenly melted away.

Modern life can so easily disrupt our gut microbiome (excess stress, prescriptions, unhealthy foods) that supplementing the foundation of our well-being just makes sense to us. Our gut not only influences our physical health but also has a huge impact on our emotional and mental health.

Research the benefits for yourself in infographic below.