Our Mission

We created Concentric Fit with the mission to help people uncover the best version of themselves while empowering them. We understand the feeling of wanting to make positive shifts while feeling lost about where to take the first step.

Concentric Fit is designed to give people guidance and education to create a healthy life in all the aspects that ultimately make health.

Our name and logo says it all… “concentric:” circles inside circles (also the upward portion of a movement). The outward circle is the beginning of your journey. The starts and stops. The trial and errors. Eventually, the real movement begins and the circle becomes more solid.

Health is made up of many parts. As we expand, we hope to fill many of the circles that make up total health. At the heart of our design is the seed of life, which represents creation. Together, we can help create self-confidence, body comfort, and effortless health you are searching for.

Read about our coaches and founders here.