Fitness to Compliment Your Life

Coach Victor and I (Coach Caroline) at Concentric Fit are not bodybuilders or professional fitness competitors.

We consider ourselves athletes but we see fitness as a tool to enhance and increase our longevity and durability for our other athletic pursuits. Coach Victor used his athleticism and recovery to compliment his years of martial arts training when he won gold at the California Open Jiu Jitsu World League competition in May. (You can watch Coach Victor’s wins on his YouTube channel! Subscribe to Macho’s Man Cave or follow our blog for more more fitness and healthy living inspiration. )

Victor’s gold medal

Our students feel the same as us! Beth has enhanced her weekly pickle ball game performance at 60 years young. Robert (40yrs) continues his passion for competitive soccer and scoring goals. Rod (42yrs) increased his wave-catching-volume per surf session with less fatigue. Nancy (62 yrs) enjoys her long nature hikes with her increased endurance and strength. Or our many parents that have simply improved play time with their little ones and made it more enjoyable for everyone. Or our office workers that use fitness training to decrease their stiffness and risk of injury from a sedentary lifestyle.

Imagine the benefits from enhanced fitness that would compliment your own life.

What would YOU like to enjoy more of in your life with increased fitness?

Let us know in the comments!

Boost Immune System and Melt Fat??

While I am not that dedicated to supplementation, my partner at Concentric Fit is well researched. Despite always forgetting to take my vitamins or my green powders, there is now one supplement I will not go without because it has been so beneficial.

Probiotic supplementation positively effected my body composition, my mood, my immune system, and my digestion. The way I felt in my body changed after the first week. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor, but from personal experience, this is so helpful my partner and I will not go without probiotics again. We have experienced the scientific benefits for ourselves.

We noticed our digestion improve and our immune system feel stronger. The least expected, but appreciated, benefit was the decrease in belly bloating and inflammation. Weight that appeared to be “stuck” around out low abs and hips suddenly melted away.

Modern life can so easily disrupt our gut microbiome (excess stress, prescriptions, unhealthy foods) that supplementing the foundation of our well-being just makes sense to us. Our gut not only influences our physical health but also has a huge impact on our emotional and mental health.

Research the benefits for yourself in infographic below.

Sacrifice your favorite foods for fitness, right?

Exploring Trader Joe's: Trader Joe's Ridge Cut Sweet ...


Another fitness misconception we can debunk right now.

This is too often an excuse people give to avoid addressing their long-term health.

At Concentric Fit, we often tell our students to enjoy food as it is one of the many pleasures of life. This isn’t about binging, it is about satisfying and nourishing ourselves in all the ways. Remember, long-term health and wellness is really a balancing act. Too much restriction will make us feel deprived so when we finally unleash our cravings, it will likely be extreme and unhealthy. This make us feels bad and is an unsustainable cycle.

Instead, can we find an alternative that satisfies us but doesn’t harm our health?

Scrumpdillyicious: Rich and Creamy Guacamole Auténtico

For example, chips are a favorite snack of ours. So instead of Doritos or another similar highly processed brand, we go for yummy sweet potato chips with 3 simple ingredients and guacamole with few natural ingredients. It’s delicious and satisfying. There’s so many ways to do it.

Instead of Cold Stone, try dark chocolate covered frozen bananas. Or frozen berries blended with honey. Instead of sugary chemical rich Starbucks, try a sugar-free plant based morning creamer for morning coffee. You may come to find that your new snack is way more satisfying than whatever you were eating/drinking before. I know this has been true for us.

We sometimes find with cravings that there is a lack of nutrient variety in the diet and so a person may be craving more food because of the lack of nutrients (so they may be calorie-full but nutrient-starved) and/or there is an emotional/psychological need (like the need for more sweetness in life so they crave sweets or using carby foods to calm and sooth themselves). So taking a note if either of these can be the cause of our cravings is important too.

Once these factors are addressed, most cravings are harmless if we keep them in alignment with our overall health and wellness. There are a million ways to create health-enriching substitutes for our various cravings so we can enjoy our favorite foods even more because they help, heal, and nourish us instead of hurting us.

If you have a favorite health or nutrient focused snack, please share with us in the comments below. We love new ideas and you help out your fellow fitness enthusiasts.

No Workout Progress?

Where is your mind?

Did you know you can actually improve strength without ever lifting a weight?

The studies listed at the bottom demonstrate exactly that through visualization techniques.

So if our mind alone can increase strength, what does it mean if we are lifting without having our “mind inside the muscle” as Arnold says?

When we are just going through the motions, we are not adequately creating the mind-muscle connections needed to create growth and improvement. This also can lead to poor movement patterns, and we know what that can lead to. Now if we add in emotional resistance to training and improving ourselves or judgements of our bodies and abilities on top of this, then our mind is actually focused on our demise and not our success. By putting our “mind in the muscle,” we not only catalyze our progress, we also turn our workout into a moving meditation.

Simply focusing on the muscle we are activating and being present makes our workouts more enjoyable and more effective. Try putting your mind in the muscle in your next workout or learn how do this with us at Concentric Fit!

Check out the studies listed below!

Beat Anxiety with Exercise

What if the most effective anxiety treatment was free, natural, and had side effects of self-confidence and improved health?

Guess what… this isn’t some mystical or idealistic Jack and the bean stalk story. The solution is actually as easy as lacing up your sneakers and heading outside. Exercise is the most underutilized anti-anxiety treatment and the most effective for the average person.

According to a MD on the Harvard Health blog, most people dealing with chronic anxiety have more sedentary lifestyles. When we exercise, we take our mind off of whatever is making us anxious but we also produce all the biochemicals that induce uplifting states (like serotonin and GABA). What if we thought about exercise as a method to help with our mental state plus all the physical health benefits?

If you are struggling with anxious thoughts, try a physical activity you enjoy and compare your anxiety levels before and after. We all have had the experience of feeling better after doing something physical. The proof is in the pudding. Enjoy!