About Us

Victor is a Movement and Fitness Trainer, Self-Defense Instructor, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Brown Belt originally from Brazil. He began studying Physical Education in Brazil 10 years ago. When Victor moved to San Diego in 2013, he started the certification process here. He has been an enthusiast in bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness, and martial arts for over 10 years. Starting with a love for fitness, despite feeling stronger, Victor felt there was something missing and began BJJ. Fitness and martial arts are his passions today and he has found a way to combine them to help improve and empower others’ lives. Victor’s biggest focus is on holistic self-improvement through the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. True strength comes from more than just lifting weights…his goal is to help you to find the best version of yourself. Check out Victor’s Instagram for more. @victor.oliveirasd


Caroline is a Movement and Fitness Trainer and wellness coach. Caroline spent 6 years as a surf instructor, teaching close to 1000 people, and has 10 years of experience in movement breakdown and physical instruction. She always enjoyed athletics and has dabbled in competition of many sports including: golf, water polo, track, surf, BJJ, and strongman power lifting. Caroline had her own fitness journey where she struggled with disordered eating and she gained and then lost over 60lbs. Her emotional journey inspired her to create a life around guiding others to personal empowerment. Caroline is passionate about helping others, promoting healthy emotional tools, and creating balance in life. (Read about her Em+Fit Program emotional health + fitness here.) When she is not teaching, she is practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, lifting weights, enjoying the ocean, or savoring delicious food. Join Carosoul Divine Online Memberships and follow her on YouTube for spiritual and wellness information.