Cold Plunge – Jump on in

Cold exposure, cold plunge, or ice bath, no matter what you call it, is taking over fitness and health circles as a simple recovery method with big returns. At Concentric Fit, we are fans as well!

Coach Victor
Coach Caroline

Before taking on a cold plunge, always do your own research with qualified professionals. The information Concentric Fit provides is purley informational and not medical advice. So here are few potential benefits of doing a cold plunge in a safe body of water with appropriate breathing techniques:

  • Increased energy and focus from an increase in adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body
  • Mental resiliance and emotional control from overcoming a difficult challenge
    • The more you hate it, the more benefit you get here
  • Better mood for longer
    • Cold exposure is shown to increase the release of dopamine. Yay!
  • Possible increases in metabolism due to the conversion of white fat cells to brown fat cells
    • Allowing your body to shiver and to reheat itself may improve this brown fat conversion
  • Better athletic recovery with less muscle soreness and reduced inflammation

Check out the Andrew Huberman lab for more detailed information and also protocols on how to make a cold plunge the most effective for you.

Our first experience with the cold plunge was during a Wim Hof trained workshop 4+ years ago. We learned all the best breathing techniques before (literally) taking the plunge. It was a magical and fun experience and we still use those same breathing techniques to get the maximum benefits from the cold plunge today. We even use those breathing techniques for jiu jitsu competitions where focus and control are paramount. Cold plunge and controlled breathing go hand in hand. Try a guided breathing meditation before jumping in and work to sustain a steady breath while in the cold water. We believe us, it helps. A lot!

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