Mobility and Jiu Jitsu (Self-defense and sport)

Jiu Jitsu can be thought of as a game of chess with bodies. The game is played stringing movements together to advance your position while also neutralizing your opponent’s moves.

You don’t need be flexible, strong, or the most athletic person in order to do it but having the ability to control your own body can make your learning process easier. Here is a movement that can help with your strength, mobility, flexibility and coordination for jiu jitsu and for life.

This one is called 90/90 (similar to the yoga pose Pigeon). With modern lifestyle creating stiff hips and limited mobility, this movement can help prepare the body for the S-mount or armbar set up. You can do a static stretch or add a flow like we did here in the video above ☝🏼 ( personally I like to add a motion so this way you’re not only working the muscle but also the joints).

To not give away any extra space in jiu jitsu, a good mobility of the hips and hamstrings will allow us to sit in the proper position and set up the armbar submission, in this example, with better technique and therefore require less strength. Give it a try and see if you notice any difference in your “S” Mount.

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