Fitness for Self-Defense Jiu Jitsu

Doing some glute bridges can help you with foundational jiu jitsu movements like the upa escape from being mounted demonstrated in the second video.

We’re not saying that just because you bang out a few reps of glute bridges now you know how to escape from being mounted. It is important to cultivate our technique and not be dependent on our STRENGTH. This is the emphasis of jiu jitsu, which translates to “the gentle art” But having strong hips and hamstrings (which are the primary muscles used in the glute bridge exercise) can assist you in performing this technique easier and a large majority of athletic movements that use the power from the hips.

This movement helps with those booty gains which, as mentioned above, are the powerhouse muscle group for most athletics movements. This shows how including the right fitness program can complement the technical needs of any sport or just basic self-defense and feeling safe in the world.

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