Fitness to Compliment Your Life

Coach Victor and I (Coach Caroline) at Concentric Fit are not bodybuilders or professional fitness competitors.

We consider ourselves athletes but we see fitness as a tool to enhance and increase our longevity and durability for our other athletic pursuits. Coach Victor used his athleticism and recovery to compliment his years of martial arts training when he won gold at the California Open Jiu Jitsu World League competition in May. (You can watch Coach Victor’s wins on his YouTube channel! Subscribe to Macho’s Man Cave or follow our blog for more more fitness and healthy living inspiration. )

Victor’s gold medal

Our students feel the same as us! Beth has enhanced her weekly pickle ball game performance at 60 years young. Robert (40yrs) continues his passion for competitive soccer and scoring goals. Rod (42yrs) increased his wave-catching-volume per surf session with less fatigue. Nancy (62 yrs) enjoys her long nature hikes with her increased endurance and strength. Or our many parents that have simply improved play time with their little ones and made it more enjoyable for everyone. Or our office workers that use fitness training to decrease their stiffness and risk of injury from a sedentary lifestyle.

Imagine the benefits from enhanced fitness that would compliment your own life.

What would YOU like to enjoy more of in your life with increased fitness?

Let us know in the comments!

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