Boost Immune System and Melt Fat??

While I am not that dedicated to supplementation, my partner at Concentric Fit is well researched. Despite always forgetting to take my vitamins or my green powders, there is now one supplement I will not go without because it has been so beneficial.

Probiotic supplementation positively effected my body composition, my mood, my immune system, and my digestion. The way I felt in my body changed after the first week. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor, but from personal experience, this is so helpful my partner and I will not go without probiotics again. We have experienced the scientific benefits for ourselves.

We noticed our digestion improve and our immune system feel stronger. The least expected, but appreciated, benefit was the decrease in belly bloating and inflammation. Weight that appeared to be “stuck” around out low abs and hips suddenly melted away.

Modern life can so easily disrupt our gut microbiome (excess stress, prescriptions, unhealthy foods) that supplementing the foundation of our well-being just makes sense to us. Our gut not only influences our physical health but also has a huge impact on our emotional and mental health.

Research the benefits for yourself in infographic below.

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