No Workout Progress?

Where is your mind?

Did you know you can actually improve strength without ever lifting a weight?

The studies listed at the bottom demonstrate exactly that through visualization techniques.

So if our mind alone can increase strength, what does it mean if we are lifting without having our “mind inside the muscle” as Arnold says?

When we are just going through the motions, we are not adequately creating the mind-muscle connections needed to create growth and improvement. This also can lead to poor movement patterns, and we know what that can lead to. Now if we add in emotional resistance to training and improving ourselves or judgements of our bodies and abilities on top of this, then our mind is actually focused on our demise and not our success. By putting our “mind in the muscle,” we not only catalyze our progress, we also turn our workout into a moving meditation.

Simply focusing on the muscle we are activating and being present makes our workouts more enjoyable and more effective. Try putting your mind in the muscle in your next workout or learn how do this with us at Concentric Fit!

Check out the studies listed below!

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