Beat Anxiety with Exercise

What if the most effective anxiety treatment was free, natural, and had side effects of self-confidence and improved health?

Guess what… this isn’t some mystical or idealistic Jack and the bean stalk story. The solution is actually as easy as lacing up your sneakers and heading outside. Exercise is the most underutilized anti-anxiety treatment and the most effective for the average person.

According to a MD on the Harvard Health blog, most people dealing with chronic anxiety have more sedentary lifestyles. When we exercise, we take our mind off of whatever is making us anxious but we also produce all the biochemicals that induce uplifting states (like serotonin and GABA). What if we thought about exercise as a method to help with our mental state plus all the physical health benefits?

If you are struggling with anxious thoughts, try a physical activity you enjoy and compare your anxiety levels before and after. We all have had the experience of feeling better after doing something physical. The proof is in the pudding. Enjoy!

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