Mo’ Mobility > Mo’ Weights

At Concentric Fit, we emphasize quality movement.

The average person has lost a lot of their natural mobility due to lifestyle and habits . A great example is sitting comfortably at the bottom of a deep squat (or sitting in a deep squat at all). Long periods in chairs can tighten up the hip flexors and inner abdominal muscles as well as inactivate the glute and hamstrings. This can make a deep squat almost impossible but also makes most movements difficult and uncomfortable.

Of course, it is exciting to increase the weight we are lifting. But the danger of sacrificing proper form for more weight is when we find ourselves in trouble, usually leading to injuries that require time to heal. If we can take a step back and correct the movement pattern and gradually increase the load while maintaining correct positioning, we will eventually be able to lift even more weight sustainably because we can utilize proper technique. All injury-free. Cultivating a good range of mobility leads to a better quality of life for longer.

This creates a fitness that translates to all sports, hobbies, and activities. Whether you are playing soccer or playing with your kids, more mobility can decrease injuries and increases total strength.

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