Be Strong to be Helpful

Concentric Fit is a small family owned business. We personally know each of our students and we care about them. We think not just about their fitness or weight loss goals but how their increased health can improve (and potentially save) the lives of the people around them.

Our personal philosophy is that being strong makes us more helpful to society. Because we know we have the physical capability, we are more willing to be helpful to others. In normal life, we have found ourselves in situations where we had to carry injured people and bring them to safety and we have deescalated aggressive situations – all possible due to our years of physical and martial art training.

In this first photo, Coach Victor is pushing a broken down car perilously stuck in the middle of an off ramp of a busy intersection coming off the freeway. The older gentlemen driving was obviously scared and overwhelmed as Coach Victor asked him if he needed assistance before pulling over our own car and running to his aid.

Despite being surrounded by people, no one else offered to help and Coach Victor singlehandedly pushed the car to safety. Eventually law enforcement came to assist the driver.

In this second photo, you see our 61 year old student training the same movement on the sled. While she may not be expected to push a broken down car, having the physical capability to help oneself and others in unexpected situations gives purpose to fitness and cultivates confidence and a feeling of personal peace and safety at any age.

Be Strong to be Helpful.

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